VERSO graduates will not only achieve high levels of academic success they will also develop a rich understanding of the world around them. Our students will have strong social skills and will be able to connect deeply with others. VERSO’s strong commitment to language learning will enable our graduates to communicate effectively in multiple languages. Ultimately they will have a level of academic achievement and preparedness that leaves all doors open to them, wherever they choose to go.

Ideal graduates

Future achievement

VERSO graduates are offered a dynamically personalized learning experience. Students will have a wide range of course options and program choices so they can customize their traditional high school diploma with an exciting menu of specialist credentials. Students will contribute to the design of their diploma program with options to include additional themes of inquiry based on personal passions and interests. VERSO partnerships with selective universities around the world and the delivery of advanced topic courses will provide VERSO students with unique credit options. Through their experiences at VERSO, our graduates will craft compelling stories that will make them outstanding candidates for universities and the new world of work.