VERSO delivers an innovative American curriculum from Early Years 2 to Grade 12 that is aligned to New York State Education Department Standards. Our international school in Bangkok offers an American curriculum and places an emphasis on learning that is interdisciplinary, project-based and increasingly personalized.

Key components of our curriculum include immersive language-learning, human-centered design, digital media arts, and a holistic approach to health, physical activity and well-being.

VERSO, which offers an American curriculum, is an international school in Bangkok, which will be fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This accreditation will validate the integrity of our international school in Bangkok.


VERSO International School in Bangkok partnered with IDEO, one of the world’s leading design and innovation companies from San Francisco, to develop the school’s conceptual blueprint and DNA.

DNA Verso

VERSO is built on 3 key pillars:

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A strong sense of personal and cultural IDENTITY

An international education exposes a student to a rich, intercultural environment. To navigate that environment with authenticity and confidence, we support our students as they seek to understand where they come from, how they are connected to the cultures around them, and where they will go next.


An ability to actively ENGAGE with the world around them

Beyond just absorbing and retaining knowledge, our students develop a passion to interact and contribute positively to the world.


The CONFIDENCE to lead their own journey and pursue any path they choose

The students at our international school in Bangkok develop the skills of decision making and self-guidance at an early age so they shape their own paths.

Students who attend and graduate from VERSO International School will have the following mindset

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Curious to EXPLORE

Our students have an insatiable curiosity to learn about the world around them, leading them to explore widely within and outside of the school’s walls and themselves.

Inspired to CONNECT

Our students will have strong social skills so they can effortlessly connect with others and build community wherever they go.


Our students care to make use of what they learn in school, and are ready to actively shape and participate in the world around them.

Equipped to TRANSITION

Our students will know how to dig into a new setting and bring their learning and confidence anywhere. They will have a level of academic achievement and preparedness that leaves all doors open to them wherever they choose to go after VERSO, which offers an American program curriculum in Thailand.

We have designed our curriculum as a 'learning journey'

that includes the following Key Learning Experiences:

Beyond the Walls
Course compass
Show time

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Beyond the Walls - Making learning immersive through partnerships and connections beyond campus

Our learning designers, who we can call teachers at our international school in Bangkok, value making learning immersive through partnerships and connections beyond our campus. We understand how engaging with the world enables learners to gain empathy and understanding of cultures around them. Through an immersive and experiential approach to learning, students will find their places in the world and make a meaningful contribution and build authentic relationships.

ALX - Applying learning to real world situations

Applied learning experiences (ALX) are designed for students to build skills and knowledge in project-based, multidisciplinary environments . When students consistently apply what they learn, they master future focused skills and critical thinking.


Course Compass – Empowering students to lead and manage their own learning

Each of our learners navigate their own learning through an interactive and digital Course Compass platform at our Bangkok school. Students are offered multiple paths to set and achieve their goals and can track their own progress over time. This gives learners the confidence to make choices and map their own learning, both within and outside school walls. Parents can access and support their child’s learning journey through the course compass.


Show Time – Reflecting, demonstrating and celebrating student work

At VERSO, feedback and reflection happens constantly. Through regular sharing of student learning, we celebrate diverse ways of learning and give learners an opportunity to demonstrate learning. Students demonstrate and share their learning through regular public exhibitions and showcase events. VERSO American international school values the curation and celebration of students' work with specially designed gallery and exhibition spaces throughout the campus.


Nam Jai – Honoring the Thai value of kindness

Nam jai is a Thai word that literally means “water of the heart”  and is an important value in the Thai culture. This refers to genuine acts of kindness and generosity that comes straight from the heart, without expecting anything in return. We intentionally encourage acts of kindness to foster empathy, compassion and humility in our students.  At American curriculum program school in Thailand, our students learn to connect deeply with others and experience a sense of belonging.

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Learning Elements

At Verso International School in Bangkok, where we offer an American curriculum, we break up the day according to our Learning Elements rather than subject blocks. These Learning Elements form the learning program and envelope the range of activity that makes up the VERSO learning program in each of the loops.


Learning Lab

Learning designed by Learning Designers (teacher) to target skill development across the curriculum.


Self-directed learning to pursue personal interests with a purpose, set goals and outcomes.


Reskilling and upskilling to support learners in their identified learning intentions.

Community Time

Learners share, connect and reflect as a community.


A one-on-one conversation around learning incorporating reflection & intentional feedback to inform next steps.


Developing a deep understanding of self through nurturing physical, social and emotional health.


Knowledge and Understanding

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • World Language
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Essential skills and Dispositions

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Self Direction


  • Physical Literacy
  • Sensory Development
  • Health
  • Social Skills
  • Emotional Skills

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at each grade level below

At VERSO’s American curriculum school in Bangkok, the approach to learning is interdisciplinary and project-based. Students will develop these foundational skills through exploring, researching and creating projects that address real-world challenges and issues.