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VERSO is a new international school with a compelling vision for the future. It is a place of wonder, evolution, and growth. It’s a school where aspirations and inspirations blend. A place where hearts and minds are shaped and children begin to understand who they are, and what the world around them means.



Every student at VERSO will take an incredible educational journey and develop the skills and mindsets needed for the future.

VERSO invites every student to take an educational journey that will ignite inner passions, inspire creativity and develop the skills and mindsets needed for the future.


VERSO is a dedicated response to a style of education that truly aligns with the critical need to prepare students for a highly unpredictable and fast-changing world.


At VERSO we are advocates for education being an active and dynamic process, not passive and static. By rejecting the dominant and outdated “one-size fits all” model, VERSO students will flourish in a personalized learning environment tailored to meet their individual needs.


We have designed a school where students not only shine academically but also reflect an inner confidence based on their own personal and cultural identity, their proven ability to connect with others, and the mindsets and behaviors needed to lead their own journey. Our teachers inspire students to be the best they can be, guiding them to discover their personal passions and discovering ways they can positively impact the world around them.


Our strong partnerships with notable individuals, respected local and global communities, organizations, businesses, and universities create unique real-world connections for students, and drives a model of learning that is authentic, experiential, and hands-on.


Breaking free from the restrictive nature of traditional classrooms, the learning environment at VERSO is instead inspired by ideas of flow and movement. The unique architectural design of the buildings provides the agility and flexibility to maximize space in ways that enhance student learning. VERSO delivers a learning environment that connects students with the wonders of the natural and virtual worlds in which they live.

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17th East Asia Regional Council of Schools Teacher's Conference

Mar 21-23, 2019

Theme: "Future Movers and Makers"

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