VERSO-connect Workshop Series

VERSO-connect Workshop Series
We will show how our shared experiences as educators in international schools around the world have brought us to VERSO and why we feel so excited about the school we are designing. We want to use this series of workshops to have rich conversations about the key elements in the design of VERSO and the powerful educational experiences we will deliver for our students.

Each 2-hour workshop will include Things to Know (Information), Things to Do (Experiences) and Things to Think About (Reflections). We’d like you to join us with an open, optimistic mind, a willingness to listen and think, and the confidence to contribute your thoughts and ideas – if you want to.

Because this is VERSO, we’ll also include some nice snacks, a little music, and a hopeful promise to finish on time.

Workshop 1: The VERSO Student Experience: A Day in the Life
This workshop will deliver in detail the typical learning activities of a VERSO student. The VERSO Learning Design Team will lead you through an immersive experience designed to help you understand how VERSO’s commitment to personalized learning will deliver a school experience that will recognize each child’s potential and enable them to flourish. Parents can select to explore what a typical day would look like in Early Childhood, the Lower Loop (grades 1-4) and the Middle Loop (grades 5-8).