What is VERSO?

VERSO is an innovative American international school opening in Bangkok in August 2020. We take a future focused learning approach to education by using a personalized learning model to customize each student’s interests, strengths, and skills. Here are some key points about the school.

  1. VERSO is a joint-venture partnership between U City (Bangkok) and a Hong Kong private investor.
  2. The initial capacity of the school is 1800 students from Early Childhood through Grade 12.
  3. The 30-acre campus is located next to Thana City Golf and Country Club.
  4. The purpose-built campus offers world-class sporting facilities that include a monolithic gymnasium, a climate-controlled indoor Olympic standard aquatics center, an athletics stadium with full-sized soccer pitch, an all-weather practice pitch, tennis and basketball courts, and its own lake.
  5. The school is organized into 3 Loops: Lower Loop (Early-Childhood – Grade 4), Middle Loop (Grades 5-8), and Upper Loop (Grades 9-12). Each Loop has been designed to provide students and teachers with an inspirational and modern learning environment with excellent natural lighting and high ceilings.
  6. The school will open for students in the Lower Loop and Middle Loop in 2020, with the Upper Loop opening in August 2021.
  7. Students will be organized into cohorts instead of traditional grade levels.
  8. The curriculum design is research-based, student-centered and reflects VERSO’s commitment to delivering a highly personalized educational experience for each student.
  9. The curriculum from Early Childhood to Grade 12 is aligned to New York State’s Education Standards.
  10. Future accreditation by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) will validate the integrity of the school’s program and transcripts.

VERSO is now part of Bangkok’s diverse international school community. We are excited to be able to offer families an innovative educational choice that will truly prepare their children for the future. Below are some reasons why we think VERSO should be your preferred school:

Leading the world in school design

VERSO is positioned as an IDEO school in Bangkok, one of the world’s leading schools in educational innovation and design. In partnership with IDEO, the San Francisco global design company, the school offers students, families, and educators an exciting new choice. VERSO is the first international school in the world to work with IDEO in completely reimagining what a school of the future would look like. Driven by IDEO’s human-centered design thinking approach , we have developed a powerful new model for international school design.

Innovative curriculum design that inspires students to excel

Drawing on cutting-edge educational research, VERSO offers every student a progressive and innovative curriculum model that will inspire them to achieve more than just academic success. VERSO has been designed for students and teachers to achieve levels of learning that are typically not possible in more traditional school environments. We offer a physical campus that allows learning to flow and students to go deeper into their personalized learning journey. We also have teachers with the creative confidence to design and implement a wide range of high-quality interdisciplinary projects that will showcase high levels of student achievement.

Organizing students for success

Based on research, VERSO students will be organized into cohort groups instead of traditional single grade levels. At VERSO, each cohort combines two traditional grade levels and a dedicated team of teachers coordinated by a Cohort Leader. By restricting any cohort to a maximum of 150 members, VERSO will ensure every student feels connected to a close-knit learning community.

Creative team-environments

VERSO is a team-centered organization that strongly believes in the power of collaboration. VERSO students will frequently be working in a variety of teams and groupings with dedicated teams of teachers, who will teach, guide and coach them on their journey. At VERSO, we also believe every teacher is a designer. We have recruited diverse, passionate, and highly qualified international educators who are inspired by VERSO’s vision for the future. They will work in a highly creative and collaborative school environment where their own passions and interests will inspire and deeply engage students. Interdisciplinary projects and learning that extends beyond the walls of the school will be key features of the student learning experience.

Well-adjusted, healthy, and future-ready students

VERSO is a school designed for the growth and development of well-adjusted, healthy and future-ready students who have the confidence and skills to lead their own journey. VERSO is committed to giving students a highly personalized school experience that will inspire them to discover their passions, talents, and interests. We place a premium on both the mental and physical wellbeing of everyone in our school. This includes a full range of student support services, health and wellness programs, a fully resourced medical center and a schoolwide commitment to child protection and safety. VERSO delivers a highly supportive learning environment where student wellness and happiness is a priority.

Thai context

VERSO places great value on its Thai context. It is an international school that understands its responsibility to actively support and connect with the wider community at both local and global levels. At VERSO every student and teacher will respectfully learn, understand, and appreciate important Thai values through the projects we pursue and the rituals we adopt. All VERSO students will understand essential Thai values, customs, and traditions in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them. Our curricular program includes dedicated time for all Thai students to meet the Thai Ministry of Educations’ requirements. We will also deliver a strongly resourced Thai Language and Culture program for all other students. At VERSO we also recognize the importance of language learning as an essential future-skill for all students. The school will support students in their acquisition of both additional and heritage languages to high levels of fluency.

Curious to explore more?

At VERSO we value simplicity. Our communication systems are built to be clear, comprehensible and user-friendly.

If you are interested in finding out more about ADMISSIONS, click here.

If you are interested in finding out more about NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS, click here.

If you have other QUESTIONS, email us at hello@verso.school.

What is your school calendar?

VERSO’s school year begins early August and ends late June. Each school year comprises 2 semesters: August – December, and January – June. A detailed calendar with school events, school holidays, public holidays and professional developments will be available.

Do you have a uniform?

There will be uniforms for students. The price will be communicated in due course.

How do you select my child’s teacher?

Based on the information and data received from the Admissions Team, the Loop Leaders will work with the Cohort Leaders to assign students to respective classes, grades and cohorts.

What are your class sizes?

VERSO maintains small classroom sizes in order to maximize the learning potential of every student. Maximum class sizes:

  • Early Childhood 2 – 10 students
  • Early Childhood 3 – 15 students
  • Early Childhood 4 – 15 students
  • Early Childhood 5 – 20 students
  • All other classes – 24 students
What are your school hours?

Monday-Friday: 7.45am-2.45pm

Does the school provide meals?

Yes. VERSO has a catering service and cafeteria. Special lunch programs will also be available for students in the Lower Loop while all other students enjoy our daily cafeteria services.

Do you provide boarding facilities?

No. There are no current plans to provide boarding facilities.

Are uniforms and the school bus included in the tuition fee?

No. These items are not included in the tuition fee.

Does the school teach other foreign languages?

VERSO values the importance of multilingualism as a fundamental skill for international students to connect with both their local and global communities, and offers every student the opportunity to learn more than one language. We also support the growth of an individual’s Heritage Language and the acquisition of a second language through dedicated programs.

Is there a school bus service?

There will be a bus service available for students. The details will be communicated in due course.

How can parents get involved?

Every family automatically becomes members of the VERSO Parent Organization, providing a formal channel of communication to the school. Regular meetings and forums are also held. VERSO’s community is supported by a comprehensive online platform as well as regularly updated social media channels. Parents who want to play an active and supportive role in the school will be able to volunteer. VERSO also has a dedicated space for parents to rest, relax and meet one another at the Parents’ Lounge in ‘The Hub’. Food and beverages are available.

Can students study additional languages off the timetable?

Yes. VERSO has a comprehensive language policy that underlines the value we place on language acquisition and multilingualism. Additional language programs will be available for students after school.