The upper loop students select from a broad range of course options and flexible offerings to create pathways towards their desired future. Course content in Learning Lab can be tailored to integrate and enhance the students self-directed work during Explore Time. An expanded view of the world is enhanced through their own choices, investigations and inherent passions during this time.

The profile of a VERSO graduate reflects the changing nature of work and the changing pathways to life beyond school. Graduates are characterized by deep disciplinary knowledge in at least one subject area; an understanding of systems; an ability to function as adaptive and creative innovators and the ability to cross boundaries between multiple disciplines. This is what employers call the T-shaped graduate.​

Connecting to the VERSO pillars, student identity, engagement and confidence come to the forefront of their personal characteristics. The VERSO graduate is uniquely positioned as an inspired innovator, visionary, creative, athlete or indeed anything they want to be.