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At VERSO we will inspire your creative confidence to lead, design and deliver a learning program that goes above and beyond the standard success metrics of other schools. We offer a vibrant professional learning environment and a collaborative culture that includes an innovative faculty co-working space.

VERSO is founded on THREE simple beliefs:

There is a demand for an international education rooted in a strong sense of personal and cultural identity.

Global citizenship means having the passion and ability to actively engage and contribute, both at a local and global level.

Tomorrow’s world demands the confidence and skills to lead your own journey, both in school and beyond.

As we prepare to welcome our first students in August 2020, we are building a dynamic and highly talented founding faculty of teachers.

At VERSO we recognize every teacher as a designer. You will be immersed in a culture of creative collaboration and design-thinking. You will work in multi-disciplinary teams where your talents, skills, and experiences will shape how learning is designed and pursued. VERSO is a school for passionate collaborators, who are driven by a common purpose to make learning exciting, engaging and deeply personal for every student.


Our hiring profile is simple. We are bringing together a team of talented international educators who exhibit the same mindsets we seek in our students.

Curious to Explore

Our teachers need to be brave, adventurous and inspired to make a difference. They need to be comfortable with the unknown and intrigued by our vision to build a school of the future where learning is deeply personalized for each student.

Inspired to Connect

We value the contribution of others. We work with the intention to collaborate, share and grow together. We actively seek ways to connect our teaching and learning with the world around us.

Driven to Contribute

Inspired by Nam Jai, which means reciprocity in Thai, we are intentionally building a school where humility, compassion, and kindness allow us to connect deeply with others.

Equipped to Transition

We know how to dig deep into a new setting with the skills and behaviors that enable us to connect and build positive, supportive communities wherever we go.


As a member of the Founding Faculty, your work will include:

  • Building VERSO’s unique culture by developing the types of interactions, rituals, and behaviors we aspire to have as a creative, collaborative, optimistic, human-centered organization.
  • Using the macro-curriculum to design a calendar of inquiry and learning that details teaching and learning at the micro level.
  • Using VERSO’s Key Learning Experiences, to collaboratively build out initial units of work, projects, and assessments.
  • Developing the 7 functions of VERSO’s Course Compass:
    - Learning Tool
    - Portfolio
    - Social
    - Goals
    - Reflections
    - Scheduling
    - Assessment
  • Developing ‘Showtime’ as a way to assess, curate and publicly exhibit student work that creates impact.
  • Modeling Nam Jai and building a strong culture of reciprocity across the school
  • Collaboratively building out initial operational policies and procedures  
  • Cultivating strong and positive relationships with parents, students, and colleagues
  • Participating in a variety of public admissions and PR events
  • Consistent team reflections and downloads as we test and prototype projects and practices.
  • Learning how to effectively personalize the learning journey for every student through ongoing and continuous professional learning.
  • Finding ways to contribute to the VERSO narrative as we build a shared understanding of our work, our community, and our achievements.


If you’re interested in joining VERSO’s founding faculty, you just need to do three things:

  1. Create a simple 1-minute video elevator pitch about yourself.
  2. Write one example of how you meet each of the following criteria:
    1. A creative thinker committed to learning and growing professionally.
    2. Empathy for the learner in a changing context for learning.
    3. Capacity to design engaging learning experiences that promote deep learning and reflect an emphasis on building learner agency.
    4. Deep understanding of the contemporary changes in schools and higher education.

    NOTE: Each example should be no more than 100 words.

  3. Submit your responses to the above with:
    1. Your full resume outlining qualifications and work experience
    2. A link to your Linkedin Profile or professional blog

Applications, including your video should be sent to

Information asking :   +66 2130 6822

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